Your dog’s physical and mental well-being is our main priority while in our care. Our staff keeps an open line of communication with each pet owner to relay any out of the ordinary behaviors or concerns that we observed.
Walk ins for doggie daycare is accepted if we have availability. Reservations are highly encouraged. Appointments for all grooming services are required.
We are a small/medium dog facility that services animals 35lbs or less. Some exceptions apply.
We understand that life happens, and things come up unexpectedly. When possible, please let us know of any cancellations. 48-hour notice is required to avoid any fees.
Peak dates carry an additional $5/night fee for all overnight boarding reservations to support additional labor for high-volume occupancy.
all dogs are required to be checked in by 2pm. We are open Monday – Friday 7am-630pm and Saturday 8am-5pm. We accept appointments for drop off and pick-ups on Sunday between 830am-10am and 330pm-5pm. We observe major holidays, please see the Facility Calendar for closure dates.
Our facility closes at 6pm Monday- Friday but do offer late pick ups till 630pm for an additional $8/fee.
We recommend bringing your pets bed, blanket, towel and/or toy to make your pet feel more comfortable during their stay but not required. All personal items are checked, cleaned, and sanitized daily. Belongings will be removed from their kennel space for the safety of the pet if they display destructive behavior. Restricted Items: Bowls (unless pet requires a specific bowl to eat). Excess food in a non-airtight container or bag (only pack food for their registered stay plus 2-3 days extra in case of a travel emergency).
We require that all dogs 1 year and older are spayed or neutered. Unaltered dogs that are under 1 year old but displaying disruptive behavior will be removed from group play and given additional breaks as needed. If the behavior continues and becomes obsessive, you pet will be dismissed until the pet is spayed or neutered. Female dogs are not permitted to attend daycare or boarding if they are in heat.
Pets in the City is not prohibited to house knowingly sick animals with potential communicable diseases. Customer will be notified and the pet will be quarantined if they display signs of illness. Sick dogs are welcomed back after a veterinarian has cleared the pet for all contagious diseases or 7 days after the illness has subsided.
Current Vaccination Records for Bordatella and Distemper are required. Canine Influenza Vaccine is not required but recommended. All vaccinations must be administered by a licensed veterinarian.
In our facility we use Rescue Cleaning solution to clean all play areas, floors, and kennels.