Aloha! We are excited to announce that we are now allowing online booking for daycare, boarding and grooming services!

New Clients: Please proceed to our booking page and select ‘New Customer’ to book services! 

Current Clients: If you are a current client, we recommend that you set up your online profile as soon as possible so you can be in our system for your next visit! We are transferring all clients into our new system, and the first step is for you to set up your account and fill out all your information. 

This will only be the second time we are making price adjustments in the 8 years under current ownership, that’s amazing! We are dedicated to serve our customers at the highest level while still keeping cost as low as possible. Thank you for being dedicated customers of our Pets in the City Ohana. Please see all new prices on our new website! These will be effective April 1, 2020, to make the transition seamless- if you are in the middle of your package we will continue to use the rest of your package days, your following package will reflect our new prices. 

We will be rolling out the new features over the next few weeks, but for now, please set up your new user account, fill out all the information required, upload vaccination records and sign our documents. 

Step 1

Visit our booking page and click “New Customer”

Go to and click “New Customer”

Step 2

Fill out your current contact info and pet info!

We love this software because you can load in all the details about your pets!

Step 3

Save your login info.

You can use this in the future to book daycare, grooming and anything else!

Step 4

Pet your Furry Friend.

We handle the rest, we will be loading in any daycare credit or vaccination information, if necessary.


The short answer is yes, but if you are having difficulty we can help set up the account in person! 

We wanted to be able to streamline all of our systems for both us and our clients! Being able to book from the comfort of your home or on your cell phone was only one of the features we implemented. You can now upload vaccinations records, update your contact information, add and remove pets and much more! 

Yes! For grooming, this is particularly easy. If you have multiple dogs you are boarding and they are in different weight classes you may have to book their appointments online one at a time. This is due to software restrictions, but we hope they will update it soon! 

Once you set up your customer account, then we will upload anything you have already purchased to your account. We are processing customers online accounts in the order that we receive them, so set up your account today!