If you are a pet parent, you know how quickly pets become a beloved part of the family. While there are thousands of animals on Oahu that are privileged enough to have a home and be a part of a family, there are also hundreds of furry orphans looking for a home. The Fur-Angel Foundation is not just another shelter, but a community action network that seeks to help find fur-ever homes for orphaned pups by working with a network of interim caregivers.

Many abandoned dogs come from abusive or neglectful environments or have been bounced from home to home. This can make them less trusting and harder to place. In addition, when puppies are not cared for and trained properly, they can grow into adult dogs that lack even the most basic training such as urinating outdoors or sitting on command. Lack of basic training can often get even the most loving adult dogs sent quickly back to shelters.

The Fur-Angel Foundation knows they will have a far easier time helping well-trained and trusting canine friends find fur-ever homes, which is why they send them to foster homes first. In their foster homes, they not only receive care, affection, and attention but also basic obedience training and health care.

Fostering dogs is more expensive than keeping them in a shelter, however, and the Fur-Angel Foundation seeks to provide foster volunteers with everything they need to help prepare their canine companions to find a fur-ever home.

Pets in the City believes strongly in the work that the Fur-Angel foundation does and we are hosting a dog wash fundraiser to help raise money to support this vital effort. Treat your own fur-angel to a luxurious spa day and help an orphaned fur-angel in the process.

The fundraiser will be held on June 24, from 9am to 3pm. Pre-sale tickets are available, just call 808-593-1505 to reserve. You can also RSVP on Facebook here.   And of course, walk-ins are welcome!

Hope to see you there!