Let’s face it – your dog is happiest when they are with you getting plenty of attention and exercise. They are your best friend and you want them to be happy and tuckered out at the end of the day. In an ideal situation, you would be there with them to accomplish this. But, what if a busy schedule with work and other obligations makes this impossible? The next best thing to giving your dog your undivided attention might just be doggie daycare. Read on to see how doggie daycare can benefit your pup.


Dogs are not born knowing how to act around others. Your dog needs to learn social skills. If they are not socialized they may become overly excited upon seeing other dogs. They might be aggressive towards them or they could be nervous. Strangers may also cause the same reactions in your best friend. However, by attending a daycare, your dog will learn to properly socialize with other dogs and people.


You love your dog and would certainly agree that it is unfair to keep them locked inside all day with no exercise. They should be able to get outside for a walk at least once a day. Unfortunately, a busy workday may keep you from having enough energy and time in the evenings to take your dog for a walk. A dog who doesn’t get enough exercise often will be destructive. They have too much energy that they cannot burn off and they get bored. This leads to your dog finding ways to get some of his energy out in ways that aren’t going to make you happy. You might come home to find walls scratched, furniture and other items are torn as a result of your dog having too much energy and suffering from boredom. To ensure your dog gets properly exercised, doggie daycare is the solution. Your dog will be tired after a day of doggie daycare playing with their doggie friends. Not only that, but their caretakers will ensure they are tired at the end of the day by taking them for regular walks and playing fetch.

Potty Breaks

It is not good for your dog’s health to leave him inside for several hours without potty breaks. Most dogs will not use the bathroom in their living space. Therefore, if they can hold it until you come home and let them go outside. This situation can lead to kidney problems that can cause your dog discomfort and can become very expensive for you. If your dog attends daycare, you can be assured they will be given several potty breaks throughout the day.

As you can see, doggie daycare has many benefits. Just remember, a tired dog is a happy dog they will get the care and attention they need when you are unable to be there for them.


  1. I truly believe in the benefits. My 9 year old dog developed some separation anxiety after being a “home alone” dog for years. Our vet suggested various remedies and doggie daycare was one of them. The staff at Pets have been a godsend. Not only has Kimo enjoyed being there but his separation anxiety seems to be cured for now and his socialization with other dogs while at Pets has made him less anxious when we see other dogs on our walks. I can’t thank Pets enough!!

    1. Kimo is the sweetest beagle and such a pleasure to have around. He’s so happy every morning and eager to greet all his friends. We have noticed that he’s much more relaxed and enjoys his time spent at daycare. He’s even boarded with us and he did great! Thank you for allowing Pets in the City to take part in Kimo’s anxiety journey, we love him and so happy we could help. ~The Pets in the City Team~

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