Are you looking for a doggie daycare that your furry loved one can spend time at while you are away? A place they can call their ‘home away from home’? Don’t you wish you could find caretakers that are like a second family to your fur-child, and not just hourly employees working for a paycheck? No need to look further- you may have just found your dream daycare!

Building Fur-Ever Friends!

All of our dogs love it here. After one day with us, they will form valuable connections and always look toward the next visit with overwhelming excitement and joy! Several of our clients say that their dogs begin whining with anticipation every time they turn the corner and Pets In The City comes into view.

Most of our customers visit Pets In The City every workday, Monday through Friday, or at least 2-3 times weekly, so their pets quickly become part of our family. It doesn’t take long for the pets to learn our daily routine, looking forward to daily walks, feeding times, and playtime with friends!

  • Because we are a smaller facility, we are able to build a personalized relationship with both the dogs and their owners.
  • We’re able to pinpoint unusual behavior/ actions of each dog, always informing their owners. If a dog is sick or not feeling well, we always let the owners know!
  • We’re a ‘one stop shop’! Many of our dogs use our grooming services, and vacations become easy transitions when dogs are already familiar with our facility and process!
  • Our staff is fun loving, always treating all the pets as our own!
  • The dogs we care for become family members, here on a regular basis. Not only do we know their likes and dislikes, we’ve become closely accustomed to each individual personality!

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