5 DIY Costumes for Your Pups, Both Large And Small

  1. Big Bad Wolf & Red Riding Hood

Who doesn’t remember the classic Big Bad Wolf and Red Riding Hood characters of our youth? Even better, you already have little ‘wolves’ of your own; the costumes make themselves!

Time to hit the fabric store for these incredibly simple items! All you need is a red ‘blanket’ cape for the back of one pup, with a simple ribbon/bow around the waist and in front of the shoulders to hold this one, and a simple blue ‘bonnet’ cap for the other!

     2. DIY Wild West Bandanna & Boots

So, you’re looking for an easy two-piece dog costume for your little one this season? This western outfit is so simple, it practically puts itself together! Talk about no assembly required. You can simply purchase a bandana at any craft/clothing store, or cut out your own.

Though it may take some time for your pooch to adjust to his/her new boots, they are functional as well as absolutely adorable. Dog boots offer protection, traction, and prevent burning from hot cement or sand.

  • Most pet stores will sell various types of ‘doggie boots’.
  • Easily attach your bandana to your dog’s collar.

   3. Dino-Dog Dinosaur Costume

Once again dinosaurs can roam their battlegrounds of old with this easy to make costume! Not only is it the cutest thing, but the dino-dog costume is also one of the classic pet costumes for any holiday.

Time to visit the fabric store! You can easily make triangle cutouts for the ‘scales’ to attach (sew) to the top of and dog costume or existing dog coat! You can even take a child’s sweater, cut off the sleeves, and sew the spikes on the back!

     4. Bat Wing Doggie!

Do you have a dog harness for your pup? If not; no worries- you can use any old shirt cut to fit your little one. Simply wrap the ends of two strips of pre-cut fabric around a couple pencils, attaching with a hot glue gun. Be sure to allow the fabric time to cool, and attach the pencil ends to your dog’s harness in batwing style!


  • Scissors
  • 2 strips of fabric
  • Harness
  • 2 pencils
  • Hot glue gun

5. Mummy Dog

Perhaps one of the easiest costumes to make, the ‘dog mummy’ is absolutely perfect for a Halloween costume or any celebration! Even better- this one doesn’t require any special sewing tools or experience. Why not WOW the neighborhood with ‘Mummy Dog’?

Using a large roll of gauze or several ACE bandages (making sure not to wrap too tightly), simply wrap the bandage material around your pet’s legs, torso, and head (making sure to leave plenty of open space for the face and elimination spots).

  • Make sure wrapping material is non-adhesive.
  • You can also use a white hooded sweatshirt, and simply attach gauze or white bandaging, avoiding your pet’s fur altogether.

Conclusion: A Great Way to Socialize!

Socialization is one of the more important skills your dog will ever learn. He won’t just love all of the attention your costume will bring, it’s a fantastic way to amp up that socialization!